We Only Keep What We Have…

… by giving it away!

GNHASC (Area) has the following positions out to the fellowship:

  • Secretary (temporary is no longer being filled)
  • Alt Secretary
  • Treasurer (will be OTF at next meeting)
  • Alt Treasurer (temporarily being filled)
  • RCM
  • Alt RCM
  • Policy
  • Alt Policy
  • Webservant
  • Alt Webservant

This is a great way to get involved. It only requires one Monday a month! See you on Monday, November 5th 7:00 at 2927 Dixwell Avenue in Hamden!


Welcome to the Greater New Haven Area of Narcotics Anonymous’s website.  This is a local resource for members of Narcotics Anonymous located in The Greater New Haven Area of Connecticut.  Here you will find the most up-to-date meeting changes and events.

If you are from another area in Connecticut, CT Region’s website can be accessed at http://ctna.org and Narcotics Anonymous’s website can be accessed at http://na.org.


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