ASC Trusted Servants


  • In order to coordinate its services, the ASC elects its officers yearly.  Leadership and ability to organize and give the committee direction and incentive must come from its officers.  Upon election, the officers shall resign as GSRs. [AGTLS 2002]
  • Committee officers should be elected from members of Narcotics Anonymous who have prior service experience such as GSR, group secretary, group treasurer, and/or subcommittee member.  Officers should have a working knowledge of the Twelve Concepts for NA Service. Any ASC member or officer may be removed during his/her term in office by a majority vote of the ASC. Also, all ASC members and officers may succeed themselves in office, but in keeping with the Ninth Tradition and the principle of rotating leadership, it is recommended that no officer serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. [AGTLS 2002]
  • The suggested clean time requirements can be suspended only in the following manner:
  • While nominations are open, a GSR offers a motion to suspend the clean time requirement and nominate a specific addict.
  • If the motion is seconded, the addict is asked to qualify and then leave the room; the motion is then debated.
  • To carry the motion, a two-thirds (⅔) vote of GSRs present is required. (3/90 amended 11/90 & 4/91)
  • All nominees and volunteers for trusted servant positions at the Area Service Committee shall leave the room before the election vote is taken. (10/91)
  • Attendance Requirements
  • Any trusted servant or subcommittee chair who misses two (2) consecutive meetings or five (5) total meetings that are part of their commitment (responsibility), even though they sent a representative, should be asked to resign or else show just cause as to why they have failed to fulfill their commitment. (9/96 amended 9/99)
  • That all trusted servants stay for the entire meeting, or be considered absent. (12/95)

Executive Committee

  • General – All Executive Committee members are to be elected by the GSRs only.  The clean time requirements for all Executive Committee positions are mandatory, not suggested. (7/11)

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